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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  July 13, 2009 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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welcome back. i'm tom ramron hall. >>nd i'm david shuster. ? >> floridaolice have arrested o n andharged them in the slaying of a florida coup known for adopte 12 childn. let's lisn in. >> t indidls center the home. we have verified that three individuals drsed in black and masked entered the billis' home from the east se.
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an additional fourth individual remained in the vicle. and again we leased that tape previously to the press. we will now show you a second tape of one of the cara systems at the billings' home that will give you the entry from the north side of the billings' home >> what we're looking at again is a le news cference out of pensacola, florida, where authorities are telling the public what they have uncovered in death of a prominent couple, again known fordopting 12 children wh disabilies. thr home in their fri ighborhood was surrnded by surveillance cameras, both inside and osidef the home,
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and that helped polic track down a red van tt was sn. what they're shong is the entrywayf this mily's home. ninef those children wre inde the home when their adted parents were murdered. and right nothere are two people who have beenharge with this murder, and ielieve authoritieare saying they're loing for one other, but bear with us just for a secd while they set up whatev they have going on here in florida. this couple belove by the commity for their outrch and helping so many children. ny people are wondering what will happ to the 12 children that they adoed. family membersave sa they will step in let's listen to what policare saying about t motive here. >> we apologize for that. e any of you live? okay. all right. what you're going to see o this video a metallic vehle pull up at the en of the drew which haseen intified as an
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pediti expedition. twdividuals exit this vehicle, again dressed in ninja garb, black garb. come through the wooded area enter the billings' home from the north side. have found throu several interviews that this doo is utility doorhi had been left open and unlocd. on the north side of theome, yes. okay. th tape will not play? >> reporter: s at this point ere was a total four pele gaing entry into the home simultaneously >> again, we will -- i apogize. we'll show y this dvd when it ge ready. the totalber of peopleh we are looking for that are involv in the deaths of the
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billings famis six to eight six to eightpeople. today we areinterviewing dividuals, again psons of interest, in okaloosa county. three black males have been identified as being associated with this case. we still he one white individual thais yet toe identifi identified. [ inaudie queson ] >> we believe at it is a male. >> reporter: why okaloosa counsel? >> theindividuals a from okaloosa county >> reporter: do yohave a motive yet? >> whave a tive, aotive of
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bbery. >> reporter: do you believe that the dooras unlocked by someo who had accs -- >> we n, wedo nt. ohm sorry, accidentally or by someoneho lives in the home? no, not intentiolly. i think it was just a matteof course becau of this neighborhood and because of our mmity that they felt comfortable enough to leave a door unlock. it's not uncommon in eambia co. >> reporter:ashere an alarm system? >> yes. >> rorter: do we know if ere was a lot of money pt in the builtings' ome? >> that' not been verified. >> reporter: do we know if robbery was th only moi tiff? >> that is a motive, motive. we bieve that therere other motive that is whave yeto confirm. are working on numerous motive as i have stated previously. >> reporter: can you tl us what was taken? >>e cannot, sir. >> reporter: of the eig people yobelieve are involved,doou know the mastermind?
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>>e do. i will not identify that individual spically, but h is currently icustody. [ inaudible tion ] >> they are not, and we cannot ve that sort of wning becaus again, have not entified them by na. wee trying to go throughome different surveillance videos of lol mchants in escambia county. again, during this investigation we have identifd the mastermindf this operatio the individuals that are associated with him during the days leading up t the crime, and so in canvassing our commitand the srounding communits, the othercounties next to us, becausee knew that they had purchased se of the clothing used in theommission ofs crime, th our
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investigators bega canvassing the area, walmart, k sma-martk-, target, the rts of stores. wee asking for and going throh their security apes. information has been developed that we've identified the ree black males having association th some indivuals that we have specificallyied tohis crime. >> reporr: what about the vehicle? did youet a descrtion of the vehicle? >> it is an escalad with metallic flake paint. we have a conflicting description on t calate. we he a report that it's a metal flake blue and a metal flake gold. weave yet to verify whicof those is accure. [ inaudible questi ] >> we will not identif that suspect at this time. >> reporter: are all these people local? >> some are not some are not local meaningnot from re. >> rorter: do these people enter the home with the intent to kill
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custody. >> reporter: so one ofhe three folks already -- >> that individuals in custody. >> repter: sheriff, you said youuys had identified the three black mal, do you know who they are? >> we have photos that we'r currently woing off of. wee developing their names and locaonat this time. i will tell you that we are very peful that at leastne more arrest and possibly two ll occur today. >> reporter: what about additionalharges agast the three that u already have? >> the investigation is ongoing. ore information develops,
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and again th dermination will be made by the state attorney'sffice. >> reporter: a the escalade, do you have a mel number on that n aodel but a year? >> we do not. we do not. that, of course, is informati we had rease immediately if w had that inrmion. >> rorter: when we look at the surveillance video, how ma people will we see entering the ho? i think you willind this, ladies andentlem, particularly chiing and here is y. have a team that enters the front of the home at the billings household, and we ve a team that eers the back of the home. excuse me while i move away from theicrophone for just a moment. what y will see up close exination, you see the e individualt entered. you will see another one come out of the woode area here. onlose examination othis tape, you will see just the very front d of that vehicle pull up, and that's the second individual. this camera system has
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three-second time delay, and for e of us in this business know that three secon is a very long time, and so that's why they appear to jump but two individuals dressed in ninja garb enter the north side of the billings home in additn to the three th entered the frt. >> t, sheriff, even with a three-co delay and looking at some ofhe video you have already releed, it wasvery quick. >> yes. >> so do you really think it was planne and mehocal? >> becse of the time lapse on this and the time count and the time, it had to be. it was less than ten nutes fromhe time this vehicle entered the property until the vehicle was leaving the total time that elapsed in the hous with l the individuals that entered the billings he was just a little over four min. >> reporter: does at mean that the people knew thebillings, had knledge of the property and the way things were? ould be awful quk if it was st went in and went out and never been there befor >> it leads me to believe that this was a veryll-planned and methodaloperation, and as i
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ve stated previously, the ra pidity of this crime indicates that, that there was pnning that went into thioperation. >> repter: sheriff, do you believe at this point that tre is any relaonship at all between e vicms and betwe any of the people that you ha identified? >> we are continuing to develop that information. i do not have anything specific to that question.time relaed >> reporter: sheri, were you able to get any iormation from ldiron or gonzalez jr.? did they tell you anything further? >> we a developininformation from iividualsurrently in custy and those that are persof interest and fro outside witnesses, so we're getting information. e answ to your queion is yes, from individual thats we currently have in sty. >> reporter: sheriff, do u think it is related to mr. billings busess arrangements or dealings? >> we are current not focusing on that aspect of ts crime at
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this te. if it leads us tthat, o course, ill take a lk at that a refer it to the appropriate agency if it's not my ancy to look at tht, b we have no specific nor direct evidence that would leads at thisime to believe tt. >> mr. gonzalez jr did he have a previs name o alias he was going by? >> he. he was known as po, p-o-f-f. >> reporter: do you expect th's a gang name? >> no, there's a family in golf bree named pof >> reporter: cou tell us ho the family poed on the dar? in other wor, w them? >> thehy question any crime that occurs is one at you alys rangle with. and it could hve been -- this is pure eculation. could have been a whole host of things. the family was well to do. know mr. billings was an entrepreneur. . billings opeed his home and his rtune to the munity. s wife was well-known as a
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humanirian ttake in the children, ecial needs children she had been takingn for yes. it was nsecret that the family was volved with the community and -- >> this is a live press conference out of pensacola, flora, where the police chief is pdating theews media on the case of this family mrdered in their he wi at least eight of their adopted children there. they'reshowing surveillance video of the suspes they're loing for. they're loing for between six and eight people inhe deaths of melanie billingsnd byrd billings. again, they are known in eir counity an affluentamily that reach out and adopted at least 12 cldn over the years. those children now being cared for by famil members. but the search is on r between six and eight individuals involved in this ambush robry. authorities believe least robbery was one of the moti that is they're looking at here. we'll keep you u to date on what pice are saying out of nsacola, flora, as th manhunt for six to eight people in theeaths of this couple continues.
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welcome back, everyone, t t msmsnbc, the placee for potics. the big pictcturet this hour is p preside obama's first nonee to the supreme couou, nia sotomayor, facg a divided senate judiciary committee on the firiray of heronfirtion heaarings. she listened asemocrats madede the se for a ququick confirmatition. it seems she hasas litt fearar except for toug questioningng.
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>> unless you havav a complete medown, you're going totoet confirmed, and don't think you wi, bubut, younow, the d drama is b bng c created here and it' interesting. >> for her partt judge sotomayo reassured the commmmittee she h always u uerstoo the importatane of her cisions. >> throuout my 17 years on the bench, i have witnesseded t hun consequencess of my decisions. the decisions haveve not been made to serve the interests of any onelitigant, but always to sesee the largerr interests of impartial justice. >> msnbc's chief washington correspondent norah o'dodonnells live on capipil hill there was that e moment where senatoreahy cut off a sennor. what was shshgoing say? >> reporter: i thinit's inresting. i ththink toy was large more about style ththan subsnce.
4:21 pm
all l ese dierent things thatat happened. you lk about, of course, and just talked about senat gillibrand, shshs one of the rising stars in the democratic party, the one who replac hihillary inton in the new yor senate. she was giving her openeng statementt in suppt of jud sototoyor anwas abrupt cut off by anotheher dedemocrat, e chairm of this commite, senanator leahy. that caused a lot of sttirring here, especially malee reblican chaiairman cutng off a fele senanar wheneally sheust had another minuteteo go on, b ley is atickle for time, but it certainly had people s t of scratching thehe hea about wh was going on. itithould so be nod it wasn't just senatoror gillibran who was intrododucing sotomor but it w also sator schumer. he at one point got ched up whenen he wa talki about somayor's background, her rsonal story, this americican dream journe that,, you know, at she los her father. her motherorks six da a ek as a nurse to sd heher d her brother to hool. shgoes to princon and yale
4:22 pm
law school. that entire stoory, and senator scscmer ev got choked up. and then, of urse, the think the other keyy moment was th sound bibite you just ayed which was senatoror lindseyey graham sayingng unle you have mpletemeltdown, y are going to be confmed. the onone othe thing of note, dadavid,as ur times these heings and openingng samen got ininrru -- - statemen got interrupted protesters. one of ththe ptesters was the origiginal e in roe versus wade. she is arrested todadaybut she came here tomake a stand and washout being ortion rights before this whwhole grgrup. of course, setor leahyhy sternly id no interruptionons. >> msnbcbc chief washiton correspondent norahah oonnell. ththanks for the updatete. tomorrowowhould interesting,g, interesting ieed. norah, thank you.. tamron? thee cntdownontinues for tonit's scheduled launch of f "endeavour." wee got some liveve picres up for you righ now off the insisi of t shuttttle. after two da of weaeaer lays, prett bad lightning storm over the wewekend,
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lightntning stkes over the weekend, scheduled too bst off at 6: eastern time a missioion to the iernational space statioion. wever, forecasters sayay thers 60% chance that the wather uld force a another delay th evening. we'll ep you up to date on it.t. just ahead on n msnbc, wl thee obama ministration inveigate the cia because ofof enhanced interrogatition techniquques or tortur lus jon and kate are lolooking r love, butou won't believe where. you don't want to mi this. no way, straight a aad on nbc. my doctor told me something i i ver knew. asasget older, our didies bome... less able tobsorcalcium. he recomnd citracal. it's a different kinin of calcium. calcium trtrate. with vitamin d d... for unsurpasseababsorption, to nourish y your bos.
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way andhuh? call rn seacrest t45 miion man. yes, that ryan seacrestrom "arican id he's reportedly sied a three-year deal to host "american idol $15 million a year. at totals $45 million for threyears. that according t a lot of the trade magazines and "people" magazi would be the biggest coct ever for a reatyhow host. that's tripleis salary,david. come back on camera because i want to see your expression. that does n include his contract with e. he also has a comcastadio show. do you know what would make that really interesting? if pat buchanan was theost of "american idol." that woulde worth $45 million. speakingf pat, msnbc contributor pat buchanan is a frnd and colleague of all of ours at e network. he's also a strong supporter of
4:28 pm
sarah palin. he's extrely unhappyith the recent criticism of govnor palin levi joston. that includes johnston's appearan this morning on the "tay "" show. buchanan has some harsh advice r how the palin family should deal with johnston. >> i think firs dude up there in alska, todd palin,ught to take levdown to thereek and hold his hea underwater until the thrashingstops. >> he has got a great way wh words. i mean, you know, tamron, we all know where he's going. but the way p says it is, you kno there's nobody quit like him. >> uil he stops thrashing. od ngs. that at's cistian values for you. the webse funny or die h a spoof on the reality starson ankate. hehas a new girlfriend. they're done. they got fake ad for
4:29 pm
kate who is stl single. >> i wnt to meet someone who likes backwards mullets. that's party in thefront, soccer rom in the back. ocolate world, casual wear om cho's, skorts, and doest nd stretch arks. >> okay. that's really not her obviously. that a ok-alike. not to boutdone, ere's also a spoof for jon gosselin. ere it is. >> pretty boring. >> i want to meet someone whose hairt is symmetrical,ho likes bluetooths and hardy shirts, tractors, and doesn't mind that i alreadyave eight half white babi. about me? full of energy and i always sit on this side of the couch. >> i didn't like tha one as much. i like hers, i didn't like his.
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>> they ought to sue -- that was bad. th was bad. >> that was kind ofbad. sorry. no way we'll do that agn. >> no way. all right. tamron, up next, newoutrage today over the cia's seet counrterrorism program from republicans as wel >> so will that force the obama ministration to launch an investigation? we've got some updas for you on the story. plus, the top republi on the senate judiciary committee gives judge sonia sotomayor an "a" for her opening statemt, but how will t strategists we've got coming up gradher? that's our big face-oftoday. and it seems sth carolina governor mark sanford's job is safe, at least for now, and he's got one person to ank. you mit be surised who. you're watching msnbc, the pcece for politics. the classiflavs of tuscany inspiration r...
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i'm michelle caruso-cabrera with yr cnbc mart wrap the dow stained 5 points. the s&p added nearly 22, and the
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sdaq picked up 37. worries over the state of the global economy king their toll on oilprices. l dpping below $59 a barrel today, continuing last we's decl decline. to stay connected to torld t are paying big bucks to the airlines. poland, egon, for example voted to pay deltair lines $3.5 million toeep aai nonstop flight to tokyo. the city says those flights generate more than $60 llion for the localeconomy. delta had planned to drop the ig in september japan's two top beverage makers are considering a merger that. meer would reported li create the world's fifth largest food mpany by sales t would be behind kraft and psico. business worldwide.irst in back to msnbc. welcome back. i'm tamron hall live in new york. >> and i'mavid shuster live in washinon the big picture at this hou growing outrage today over a secret c program that former
4:35 pm
vice president cney reported kept hidd from congress for the past eight years. the nowefunct program was allegedly an attempt to capture or kill al qae's leaders. e law requires congressional intelligence committees be kept fully informed of covert operations. and key democts are now questioning whethe cheney bro e law. white hous press sectary robert gibbs addressed the issue at today's white use press iefing >> th president believ that congss should alway be briefed fully and a timely mannern accordance wi the law. >> b gibbs refused to answer whether the president himself had been briefed on the covert program in question. >> and in toda's bigg picture,hese new rvelations abou hidden cia acvities are ineasing the pressure some say on the obama administrion to investigate bush e policies. atrney general eric holder now
4:36 pm
considering a crinal investigation into whether cia interrogators torted terrorism spects while president bush was in office. with me is theational intelligen reporter for "the washington post." thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> so we just heard from mr. s and the big headline at least t there is that the obama administtion is no closer to investigation. where do we really stand here? >> well, it getsore and more interestin now we're gettingome ushback fr republicans and others about this secre program that everybody is talking about, and there is -- you know, as we're getting these detls we hear about tempts toet bin laden and his seni operatives and the folks in e intelligence community are sing, wait everybody we had authorization to dthis. we were trying dferent ways to get bin laden and didn't succeed, so the progm never rose to a level where whad to tell ady. if we actllhad him in our sights, were going t move on him, the yeah, with he he to notify congress, but we nev really got that clos so there ying, you know, it was a letimate program. we did what we re supposed to do, and what' all the fuss about?
4:37 pm
>> joby, i think for some peoplet me just say oneuss at leaste've heard in this hour of the show with myself and david is people are struck by the fact thatleon panetta did not learn about this program until june 23rd. he'd already ben on the job many weeks, ended it june24th the cia dector didn't kno so that's one fussout this. >> yes. it is strikg, and i think panetta has en saying he wants better relatns with th congreional committeand so soon as he learned about this when he gets his inial briefing, heoes straight the hill and says her is something we didn't tell you about beforeand felt there was an obgation to tell congress so this becomes the controversy, was the cia obliged to tell congress ear, whats as it not? it still nds to be sorted out. >> here is one of the thin that's also cfusing. ift was ch a great program th the cia was doing, then why didn't panetta stick th it? obviously, tre must have been some reason why he felt likhe neededo stop it immediately and why the cia felt they neede to keep it fr congress, rght?
4:38 pm
>>yeah. there's me veryig missing details. we've goa little bit morefrom republicans leastn what that he cexchange was like betw panetta and the commiees. theye asking panettwas this prm illelnd he's tling them, no, it wasn't. just something we should have told you about and we dn't, and so publicans' rejoinder is why are you stopping this ogram if it was legal and it's doing the right thing? i think it all lies in theery murky area of exactly how th thing waeing carried t, if there were lines bein crossed, ybe international sovereignty issues being addressed here we just don't know about. there's some vy interesting conflicts in ts story we're getting ow. >> well, joby, where does eric holder -- i mean, we were heing that he could be moving closer to an investigation. we've heard the president y that the justice department should actyou kn, alon it should no be a tool used by the president. are ey very far apart, the
4:39 pm
obamadministration and i s that obviously as thesident beinghe lea and what we're seeing from the attorney general? >>es, i think they honestly haveot decided this. there's increasingly prsure on the obama administration do something at least half a loaf to me an eort to get to the bottom. they're tting some pushback omhe hill. even some of the snior democrats on the committees are saying, let's not rush into something at may lead to criminal prosecuti against of the bush folks. let's take it one step at a time and do a senate investigation first. i dot think they really know what they're going too yet. >> amazing. ank you, joby. >> thank you. >> interesting, they don't know what they want too right now and there's a lot of essure from both sidesn this. >> tamron, anotheinresting pa about it is traditionally the attorney neral really can't -- i mean, the prsure from the present shouldn't fluence him. he's supposed to jus make a decision as towhether or not a law was broken. you're rht, it des add to the pressure that's already there in terms of if the attorney general is already looking at a psible
4:40 pm
investigation intotorture, som of these me issue was sovereigntynd crossi the line and not informing congre meld into that and it almost -- >> they overlap. that's something mike viqueira and i talked about briefly yesterday. ey overlap. it's intereing. >> solutely. > well, we wi, of course, keep a clo watch. here is an interesting one for u, tamron. uth carolina governor mark sanford reportedly hasis wife thank for being ab to keep his b. according tohe state newspaper, the week after governor sanford anunced his affair with an argennean woman, jenny sanford spoke to a handful of inflntial lawmakers to save his job. among those s spoke to was south carolina senator lindsey gram. interesting. the fbi s set up a mobile command truck at aurban chicagocemetery in hos of trying to identify100,000 gres. four formerorkers at the cemetery accused of diggi up bodies to resell burialplots. investigators believe at least
4:41 pm
300 bodi were dug up at burr oa cemetery and dumped mass grave. the historic african-american cemetery is were emmett till, an icon ofhe civil rights era, and blues singer dah washington are buried. coming up, day one the sotomayor conation hearings. no realfireworks, those are expected tomorro >> we'll have sme next when our politicaltrategists faceff on what sotomar told a senate juciary committee today. plus, what her nephews were doing during t hearing. pretty cute momen it's something wought you shou kw. we kw why we're here. to design the future of flight, inside and out. to build tomomorw'w'technology in a amangng ws. and reshape the scienc of aerospace... forever. around the globe the people of boeing..... are working together -
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>welcome back. hundreds of fanans owed up at ndon's 02 arenaoo memorial michael jackson todaday. tonight was supuppod d toe the rst of his 50 shshows, a bigig comeback he was planngng fafa b broht candles and flleres to the a arena some dancednnd others wrorote tributes. > we, the other big story, far omomhat, it's time for today's fe-e-f. the firstt shots firedd y might sasay the cnfirmation heeinings for judgdge sonia sotomayor. >> republicans and demococrats spent this dayay mappppin out tr raratees in queststioni t t judge whwho enen offered h h fifition of the role of a a judge. >> the task of auudgis not to
4:46 pm
make law.w. it is to applply thlala and it iss cleaear, i believe,t my rereco in two courts reecec mymy rigorououommitment to inrpreting the c cststition according to its termsms interpretingngtatatus accordrdg to their terms and congress' intent, and h heng faithfullyoo precedents establisheded by ee supreme e cot t anby myircuit court.t. >> joining us tooace-off a democrcratictrtregist alease sa menendez and rubublin strategist matt. i i nt to ay for you, here senators grassley a and schumern how jududgeototomor should be jued. watch. > psisint obama'smpmpat stanrdrd appeaears to eououge dgdgeso make usus ofhehe persrson liliti, feelilis,s, a preferences. is is c ctrary to wtt most of us underststan to be the role o the judiciary. presidident amam clearly bieieve
4:47 pm
thth y you measure e up toisis pathy standard. that worries m me. what about?? why i in'n't grassley cocoecectt pathy really shouldn't'te e pa of the ll? > cee on. we've been doing thhis f f a log timeme the definition o empathye e were uing washat smemeon who undederstas s w these decisions affects s opople lives.s. she herself, j jud sotomayor, said, i understand t tt t th decisions iakeffffecthe liveves of real peopople. that doesn't nececesririlyean that s s's's using empathy to me he cicions, and i think that a a important distinction that has gotten cocoususedn a t of this ddcucussn. >> mat it was also an imrtrtan distinctionon that senator schumeme talalked ouou when he tatalk aboutow she puts asideher personal experience. wawah. >> i w wou a asky collllgugueso do this,, examine sapling, a random s saliling of her cases a variety of areas. in case tete case sheroroll up her sleeves, lararns the facts, applieies e e lato the facts, d comes to a decision
4:48 pm
irspspecve of hernninations other personalalexperience. >> isn't thahathh a jge is suppppeded to do? t tha is what a a judgege is suppppos t to do. i'm nonosusure it's whatathe's nene, d i don't think it'ss whwhathehe's said. i think you have t to t ta into nsideration the t thing that she said inn spspeech.. she said ght times over ththe course off h h c caree thathhis sese latina mmme, thatathehe believeses awiseatatin woman with t the richnesss of her exexpeence woululd ceeo better c cclusion thanomeone that hasn't lived thahat life. e said that eight t tim. todashsh talkeked about thehe fililityf law and t tining to be a f fa rist. it's c conadadicd by the t this she s said t t pasast. i think that's a signififican issue to bringng up. the other thing i inin too nsnsid is ten of her other cases shshs s rud onave been keken by the supreme ccou. sen of them have been rersrsed she has a a 70%eeveal ratt one case w was vavacadnd o o case was strongly criticized for nott taking previous rulings ino coconseration. so i i tnknk --
4:49 pm
>> but they weren't criticizing specifically her. ey were criticizing t thpapane of judges s atat wrote those opinioions >> that's correct. >> tt't'true, but s's's part of the panel. i inina %% reversal r re by the e suememe urt gives you pause and it gives y i i think a reason to questiononerer jicial decisions. >tt, matt,y questioiototo you, the same e to aotot of reblican senators we sawaw today, w when y y have s soonono has thhsasand ofdecisions,hy this emphahas on setetng she said eight times?s? we're e dgdginher abililit a as judge. whwhnot look at h her reord, he bstantive record ratheher anan this comomntnt tt can be ininrprpred? >> well, sure.. look a atheicicci case. it a aerfect explple. the threeee-jud panelhe was rt of ruled on the side e ofew hahave the city ofewew havven, agagait t the 1 17 firefighters that believeve that t tir prpromional exam -- theesults ofhe promotional exam had been ununirly thrown out. >> matt, t tt't's not perfrfec examplpl a andou know that. at's actually anexample of
4:50 pm
hohoshe has notot been an activt dgdge. it's a case inin wicicshe upld ththeegal precedent, which h nt on tohe supreme couourt wchch it's i intesesti to note t th jujustic souter wasctually in the d dsenting opinion saying ththis is a supreme courtrt chag the law. so in many wa r riii is o o of the worstxaxamps we coulul use ofof h how she's an activist j ich she is not. >> well,l, alicea, it's's just of s sveven that's been erturne. i think it shows thahat the current supreme cocourt does no ndndamtally view herululin in a stctct cstructionist way and that's whyhehe's been such a reversal. i thinknk these are significant estions to ask. the realal fireworks wilill stan e next two dday they wilill be significant ququtions about her didici phososop, about the second amendment. shshe d one rulingthat was overturned where s she d not ply the supreme courtt ling on the d.c. gun ban to a stata w in new york. so there a are siififant
4:51 pm
jucial questions. i think this fighghtasas momore doitituture sueme court nomination fights thanan it doo with wheheerer ts judge gss nfirmed or t,t, but i think these are e poportt fights for th futureff tcouny.y. >> matt, youou me e areat point. opop say this is really ababou the future. senatoresessis gave her a a "a" fowhat she said today. ththhat said, if this is about the future, mht the publicans and conservatives hu themseseeses me if t ty really a areoooo aressive with her knowing the record and again, as seseioionsay hveve voeded se of the sameme concerns yoyohad, but ge her an "a" already. >>ouou'rright, mrmrn. noepublican office hol has,s, i think, crorossed the liineiti sosomamayofrom t the moment she was nominated. u u d some -- a dio talk show host and aormer eaeake of t use, newt gggrgric who made somome coenen that were across the line,,ut outsiside o that office h hoers haven'tsed nguage that's been deanang. ey made the issssues be aboutut policy. ththin look, she has a sterling aadadem record. she's been audud for 1818 yeyes.
4:52 pm
everyone loves rr personal ststy. it d difcult to see her not being cconrmed, but idodohink atathe real fight isin thehe tutu. we may haveewo mo opopengsgs i president obama's firstteterm thth justice stevensnd juststice ginsberg. the realaligight is theype of stice t thas been nonomnanaated ththe pepe ofususce president bubushill nominate in the future? >> matttt and alicea, thank yous much. > you have hit on twice this teternn a key point popotically in all of ththis it a political mimineeld. gigivethat everybody seems to agree she will likelel get coconfmemed,o you have toto wonr erere ll republicans go anan ghghtheymamake themselves popolicacall vulnerable based o how ththeyanandl r? that's a great poiointoo keep i mind. >>e'e' be all over , davi and presididenobobam hits the road tomorrow totopitch his economic plan, b but that's n
4:53 pm
the only pitchch the presidentnt will be making. its something we thoughthtouou should know. and t then on "hardball,"," confnfmamati hearings begin,, theyeyavave begun for judge sona sotomayor. chris matthews plays haralal with dick durbin and orrin hatch. he will get their reaction. "hardball" with chrimahews startsn n eit minutes. rereleas rerelutionary in-wasbobor that... works wi your detergent to lp remove tough stains. the first me coming to stores la july. getr dollar fifty cpopon today! ♪ is to get as far ayy from it all as posblble. don'n't let erectile dysfsfunctioget in the way. ♪ viva vira viagra, america's st prescribed ed treatntnt, can hehelp you enjoy... a more satisfyining sexual experience.e. rey to talk to youdoct? fi out how at viagrco
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welcome back. there's a lot gng on, and here are tee re things though we thought y sld know. >> as sonia sotomayor's confirmation hearings got under way, her twin nephews seemed etty relaxed about the historic proceeding. conner and corey sotomayor re
4:57 pm
so relaxed theyven managed fallsleep during this moing's session speech making. good for them. it was kind of ring, tamron. >> definitely. you know, you're adrenaline, you get so pumpedup and th it justomes down. at's a cute moment. president ama is about to add to his long list of accomplishnts. baseball broadcast. r he will join the all-ar broadcasin the third and fifth innings. thankfully it's t like the chicago cubs whe you go upnd sing "ta me out to the ball game." >> tron, i must say we all love baseball, the president loves baseball, yolove baseball, for this nextone, tamron, i uld like to introduce all of the baball fans, all of our viewers, and all the compitors in the d.c. medisoball league to a friend of ours at msnbc, yes, this is the champnship trophy
4:58 pm
awarded thiseekend to our te from nbc/wrc. isn't it night? what a great trophy. we b "usa today" 11-0. we smoked them. this was the second year, cond year in a row we havewon this thing. soe are my teammates and i after the big game. th is the picture. the official championshi photo. e media stbl league includ 16 teams including "the washingt post", washington times. we are the champions to all of the players onhe nbcsquad, thank you for another gat summer of camaraderie and fu >> well, yo know - >> those are a few thingse just had to tell everybody, tamron. >> just when i wasiving u on baseball and believi all of my baseball heroes were really losers, now i know we have real winner. >> we may lo, but wa winners on the field tamron.
4:59 pm
>> yes -- no, you're not losers. congratulation 11-0, u spanked them. >> we sure did. we sure did. president obama is heading to a state that according some reports could see 20% unemployment, and at ithe state of michigan. >> the president isng to reinforchis economic plans in michigan which was a battleground ste that the president won in the last election, but now unemploymen over 14%. e president is tryingo regain ground domestically after spendi time overseas. let's bring i mark murray, deputy polical director for nbc news with our next read on politics. mark, we were talking a lot about ohio last wek and how the president's pollingumbers were t great in that y state. now he's on another toughfront. no doubt about it. michigan was the presidential battlegrou state last year, but it was one that president obama won decively by a 57%to 41% split with john mccain. it was one of the blue states that we all tught was going to give obama a lot of trouble. and so it's no surprise he's now going back there. there have been so many job


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